FRL. LINIENTRAU: Lifelines CD Ant-Zen / Le-Petite Machinist

FRL. LINIENTRAU: Lifelines CD Ant-Zen / Le-Petite Machinist

When your album is almost like a biography of your life you can expect it to have some variation, but ‘Lifelines’ takes the biscuit somewhat.

Let me get this straight the first few tracks are completely different to one another, so much so its crackers.  For example, track one starts off down the broken distorted beat route and track two is complete death pop (for want of better terminology) and an 80’s clinical affair.  Following up on this the ambient ‘Ode an die Stille’, which in turn is followed by blissful IDM on track four; you catch my drift now?

You could harp on for ages about the difference in tracks as this album pans out but that would be pointless; ‘Lifelines’ is a hap-hazard affair that runs through genres at a whim and whilst most people may see this as being too clever, I actually don’t believe that Frl. Linientrau actually had this in mind.

Yes it is pretentious, incredibly so, and I am sure a few people out there would pull a face at this when played in its entirety.  For myself though I enjoyed this for what it is and there are some glorious moments when attention to detail brings out wonderful hooks and pads that are as emotional as they come.



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