FAMINE: Natures Twin Tendencies CD Tympanik Audio

FAMINE: Natures Twin Tendencies  CD Tympanik Audio

Another full length release from the ultra noisy Famine and it gets going exactly as I imagined it would, with drifting pads and frenetic beats that trip and overlay over each other in an exciting fashion with break after break, alternating and twisting at every turn.

There is a method in the madness, barely contained and insanely cut and pasted together hanging by the loosest sense of cohesion.  You could be forgiven for throwing in names such as ‘Venetian Snares’ and the like as a reference, but altogether Famine has his own agenda.

What I like about this latest release is that the tracks are almost like two opposites working alongside each other, the music doing the lung work and breathing whilst the beats are blood running throughout the veins of this beast.  Famine likes his metal and many an artist has being sampled into the mix as the album progresses, chopped up amongst the blistering break-core and it all works to fine affect; It’s clever and engaging if not a little muggy in the mix on the odd occasion and I would have called for a little more clarity on the production.

However, these little indiscretions that arise from time to time set aside, there is an unbridled madness that stalks Famine throughout every beat and blip.  It’s this feeling of being on the edge of lunacy that keeps the album alive as the listener is barely given any pause for thought, the duality of the albums title is thoroughly played out on Famine’s own platform with sheer abandon.



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