C.H.DISTRICT: Conclusion CD Tympanik Audio

C.H.DISTRICT: Conclusion CD Tympanik Audio

As clean as it comes with the latest collection of works from the classy C.H.District.  I like the way the album is packaged almost as a product and that the tracks make up that product; it’s almost a marketing tool in itself, such as the information is kept to a bare minimum;   ‘this is the album and here are the songs’.  Minimalist, but effective.

Razor sharp rhythms are balanced with crystal polished pads and electronics and as simple as this sounds, the way this is managed and layered together almost has a complexity in itself, whilst the happy-go-lucky electronics fill out the gaps between the minutely precise serrated slices of beats, cutting at every organ along the way.

Another feather in this Polish artists cap is that whilst a lot of this stuff is clever, it’s not overdone nor pretentious.  There is a bravery in allowing the music to drift off teetering on the edges of dance-floor territory, which can sometimes be snubbed by purists.

There is an overall sparse feeling to ‘Conclusion’, almost as minimal as the cover art as I mentioned before; but those empty moments are a warmer affair with a great deal of the music coming across as listener friendly and engaging, thus nullifying any frostiness that this cleanliness could have created.

For me this new opus is best served as a whole, although I am sure many of you will find individual numbers that stand out, I prefer the way each track is subtle at intertwining with each other.  So as they say: ‘let the music do the talking’ and C.H.Districts new album speaks volumes in barely so many words.


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