UNDERMATHIC: 10:10 CD Tympanik Audio

UNDERMATHIC: 10:10 CD Tympanik Audio

For me this is a hotly awaited follow up to debut ‘Return To Childhood’; opening with the massive, driving ‘Big City Nights’ that takes you on a journey invoking images that the title suggests. Like a passenger on a journey looking through the back window of a car, the listener is drawn in as a watcher of humanity as they soar past neon lights and crowds of people going about their business.

What I truly appreciate with Undermathic are the huge soundtrack like structures that have a depth and range that takes many an artist years to get to grips with; however on ’10:10’ this appears to come to this act, still within its infancy as a project, with consummate ease.

Tracks seamlessly flow into tracks and the concept is not lost throughout this latest affair; indeed its immediately recognised as one long story and if you will, one long song broken up into eleven parts.

There are some genuine contemplative moments on this new release such as ‘I Remember’, but it’s not alone in capturing emotions with its introduction of lead guitars, to add to the truly epic qualities that much of this album wears on its sleeve.  There is an underlying emotion that transcends much of the album and in turn this reeks of quality from the moment you hit play, until the waves filter away as ‘Sea’ ends your journey from your starting point, where you headed out on a long nights drive away from a busy metropolis.

9.5/10 Tony Young.


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