TZOLK’IN: Tonatiuh CD Ant-Zen

TZOLK’IN: Tonatiuh  CD  Ant-Zen

For a bit of background information, Tonatiuh was revered by the Aztec society as the leader of what they called Heaven, a sun god that demanded human sacrifice with a greed that along with his fellow sun god chums could only be satiated with approximately 20,000 deaths a year; No wonder they died out.

What this is however is an excellently executed ambient and beat driven jaunt that’s less tribal than expected with more attention played to soundscapes from the collective mind of ‘Empusae’ and ‘Flint Glass’.  I was never a great fan of the works of the former, but deeply appreciate the latter and together they work very well indeed.

The beats are warm and rich, utilising just the right amount of distortion where appropriate and the harmonics really are engaging from start to finish with rolling rhythmical pace to keep your head nodding in a hypnotic trance like state from track to track.

In part heavily organic, rich in ambience and perfectly mastered, this is modern post-industrial that utilises and toys with an age-old ritualism with an almost tantric like feel but at the same time is very progressive; an almost ancient like sound brought forth into this century.


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