NEBULO: Artifact CD Hymen Records

NEBULO: Artifact  CD  Hymen Records

The latest installment from Nebulo surrounds urban society and the moods therein encompassing field records alongside the electronic into an abstract art form.

Mood is very much on the agenda, flittering from subtle harmonics to splashes of emotional pads and near psychotic glitches of sound that are carried along with rhythmical structures that pitter-patter away and eventually fold into miniature stories that collectively come together as a whole.

There’s an almost stop–start nature to the majority of this release, like the listener is travelling along and halted to take in momentary sections of imagery along the journey; in some ways it’s quite dislocated and sparse and whilst this teeters on being close to distraction there is always something dragged in to reel your attention back in.

Off-key as much as it is accessible this really is a roller coaster ride, almost unsettling in its approach and quite a nervous release that keeps you on your toes.

There is an immensely organic feel to ‘Artifact’, and that’s mainly down to the subject matter, it’s almost earthly whilst being predominantly electronic, but because of this it is grounded and feels solidly rooted to the floor, therefore does not overstate itself and gladly doesn’t feel over self indulgent.

Clever and precise there is a heck of a lot on this release to take in and is best served as a whole rather than pick up and play.


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