MONO-ANIME: Do Not Bend CD Ant-Zen

MONO-ANIME: Do Not Bend  CD Ant-Zen

There’s no pissing about with Mono-Anime, being completely and utterly straight to the point with buzzing electronic bass, pounding distorted beat (inappropriately termed ‘power noise’ by the scene muppets) and soaring pads to accompany them.

Don’t get me wrong but there’s nothing overly challenging about this album, it goes for the jugular, starts throttling and doesn’t let up right until the end.  It doesn’t baffle anyone with science with beat after beat after unstoppable beat; fair play as I can see this stuff being like candy to a baby in clubs for any self respecting disc jockey trying to appease his/her audience.

There are downsides; this formula has been hitting the turf for some time now and there isn’t a lot we haven’t heard before and variation is a need more than a want nowadays. Had this been released ten, nay even five years ago it would be instantly deemed as a hit.  As it is this is a decent album from this genre, which of late has been a little stale and whilst there’s always a place in Industrial circles for this style it takes a lot to rise above as something special.

‘Do Not Bend’ is great fun, perfect to put on before going out, has that pick up and play element and should appeal to lots of folks bombed out of their minds on whatever the latest pill is doing the rounds, but as a consequence is about as deep as a gnat’s bath.

Still, pick this up and enjoy. It’s almost refreshing to see someone just go out and out to have fun on a release.


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