MIKA GOEDRIJK: Looking Glass World CD Ant-Zen

MIKA GOEDRIJK: Looking Glass World CD Ant-Zen

This second full-length release from Mika Goedrijk is a personal journey, an inner representation of his mirror image and how it is presented within the world we live in.

Probably Mika is telling a little more about himself than many would care to note with track titles such as opener ‘Vanilla Flavoured Thorazine’; however who cares when its as good as this. Precise electronics and upbeat rhythms get this baby flowing, it’s in your face and rises to climatic barrage of madness and that was an immediate win for me.

By track two there are immediate influences coming through…notably ‘Aphex Twin’, in fact its blatant.  Yet again though this is professionally displayed and when its done well you tend not to care who he obviously listens to at home, if nothing else it’s a compliment.

This is pure IDM, there’s no other way of putting it; clean and precise beats folding with schizophrenic electronics and glitches, harmonic pads and voices cut and pasted with flashes of lunacy.

For such a frenetic start the rest of the album is a somewhat laid back affair, and if I have to criticise anything I just wish it had picked up its pace a little more along the way apart from the odd flash such as the fantastic ‘Thistledown’; of course this is a small personal gripe and nothing more as it does end with some energy.

‘Looking Glass World’ is an excellent second album and more than stands up to its peers.


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