M2: Heliogabal CD Ant-Zen

M2: Heliogabal CD Ant-Zen

So here is the tenth anniversary of Squaremeter.  I have numerous releases by this act, some don’t always sit as well as others, but generally as a rule there is always something interesting to sink your teeth into.

The first thing I noticed was that a lot of the tracks have some length to them, and upon listening to the album and spotting it’s a purely ambient affair this made sense.

Opener’ The Priests’ does have an arcane touch that flows and unfolds in a way that is engrossing, rich with a subtle tom in the background and sub range bass as a bed for the rising pads and harmonies and I credit him for the fact that in its 9 minute glory it passed by fairly quickly.

I am sucker for immense and brutally dark ambient when its done wel, and there is bucket loads on offer here. Unfortunately after track three I started to zone out and switch off; the mid section of the album just going off on its own journey and by that time I was faffing around on my phone answering messages and social interaction groups while it plodded on in the background.

Re-listening I just went for these tracks on their own and they are of a high calibre.  Given the historical nature of the albums concept this should in theory work; but then again, in theory communism works.

Broken up and individually the tracks on offer are rich in depth and should be a dark ambient aficionado’s wet dream, its just as a whole weaker for lacking variation from start to finish, which is a pity as its not the individual quality or production that’s at fault.


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