KRAKEN: Strop CD Raubbau

KRAKEN: Strop CD Raubbau

I have always had a fondness for the works of Kraken so was pretty pleased to see this drop through and as usual we have everything from extremely bleak ambient right through to soaring spacious air like filters that are as cold as anything these guys have released before.

2007’s ‘Drift’ and 2008’s ‘Nachtschade’ really stepped up to the task and for me these guys peaked producing something of sheer quality and a brutal darkness that was as visceral as the concepts behind them, and it was obvious the next release would really have a job on its hands.

So here we have ‘Strop’, an album which has all the hallmarks hidden within its structure, but I am struggling somewhat to find the message that they are trying to convey here for the first time ever

Ambient, an in particular ‘Dark Ambient’ as a genre is a dangerous game; It has been rare that I have ever found a ‘bad’ album in this field as the worst ones usually are just plain boring.  Luckily Kraken haven’t trundled around in that end of the spectrum as the album definitely has saves such as ‘Vriend in Een Fles’ which has an almost European peoples quality to it.

However, as much as this new release has some key elements that are great, there is a heck of lot where my attention is lost and there seems to be just a little too much self indulgent messing around for my liking; A solid album, but one that has failed to live up to my expectations.


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