DIRK GEIGER: Autumn Fields CD Tympanik Audio

DIRK GEIGER: Autumn Fields CD Tympanik Audio

Opening with some subtle, rich piano (courtesy of Connum) and sounds of thunder, this really set the tone for me in fine form as it flowed nicely into track two, with sounds of the outdoor traffic in the rain and people rushing around, paving the way for the electronic blips and pads to filter through; almost giving the listener the impression you are watching a movie of some kind.

Glitch is the heavy order of the day here, with unobtrusive machine head like blips and scratches that slowly build with vocal sampling and beats that occasionally drift and flirt with ambience; It can weigh a little heavy at times and you really want Dirk to let it all ride as he teases you with the promise this will all kick off shortly, but it never truly does.

‘Autumn Fields’ is a downbeat affair, it has pace in parts but never overstates itself and that is in some way the effectiveness of this album.  It’s a perfect late night sit down piece of work to relax to that has its own journey, like walking at night through city streets, refusing to engage with the circus of people going about their lives and in short gives the impression that this is a pretty lonely affair.

An interesting and more often than not engaging album that requires sit down time to fully appreciate what is being played out.  I can imagine listening to this on a train home from some club somewhere, one late evening as winter approaches and there’s the smell of frost in the air.



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