DERNIERE VOLONTE: Immortel CD Hau-Ruk!/Tesco Distribution

DERNIERE VOLONTE: Immortel CD  Hau-Ruk!/Tesco Distribution

Now for some dodgy camp vocals, simplistic badly played synthesizers and acoustic guitars; I didn’t expect anything less really after being subjected to this artists previous works.

Tragic as it sounds a lot of this is really catchy stuff;  ‘Mon Orage’ in all fairness is really decent, like a foreign, more camp Ultravox hanging out with The Human League whilst dancing with Kraftwerk and you might be somewhere close and its hard not to like it (I say through gritted teeth).  For example, ‘Immortel’ is a mix of folk and synth-pop, it’s bizarrely infectious in many a way and it really pains me to say that I like a lot of this.

Unfortunately over the course of fourteen tracks there isn’t much variation and the truly sad thing is,  I have a suspicion this isn’t done tongue in cheek and I really believe they’re being serious which goes against the fun nature this album invokes.

I would love to have seen more of the impressive vocal-less ‘Fragile’ which had a deeper side to it and could have been a truly massive number; in fact I could have listened to a whole album of that alone with its glorious dark pads and atmosphere-rich film score quality.

Still, as an album this is gorgeously packaged and is pleasant and solid enough, probably enough to become a Euro-Pop guilty pleasure for a few people out there, myself included.


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