ACCESS TO ARASAKA : Void ( ); CD Tympanik Audio

ACCESS TO ARASAKA : Void ( ); CD Tympanik Audio

Masses of amounts of glitches are on the agenda here with Access to Arasaka’s second full length release; but as usual, this is a professional affair and these gritty scrapes of sound are essential to the padding out of cleverly cut up electronics and wire like machine gun precision beats.

Ambient pads alternate and dance alongside rhythmical structures, bit-crushed blips drag and scrape amongst warping bass; it’s as gentle as its frenetic, as peaceful as it is chaotic. All in all you could say Access to Arasaka has produced a very forward thinking, futuristic album that transcends most IDM and Glitch albums out there and by that I mean this project actually cares about the music, with massive attention to detail, rolled out with a great deal of intelligence.

What I truly love about ATA is the way the album is filled out with momentary short cinematic interludes, displaying just how dynamic a lot of the music that flows out of this scene can be when a great deal of effort is put in.  Indeed a lot of artists out there attempting a stab at this genre could do a lot worse than take note with this release on just how its supposed to be done.



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