SE: L36 CD Tympanik Audio

SE: L36  CD  Tympanik Audio

So here we are on album number two for SE.  The debut album ‘Epiphora’ was excellent, with its hooks and tunes that you just couldn’t let go of and of course this meant a hard task ahead to beat it.

From the off with ‘Chrono’, my  immediate response is that he may just have managed it and we are in for something special; movie sound-tracking from the word go with some immediately catchy hooks.

SE definitely has his own sound and this is shows on ‘Stadium’; familiar sounds from the last album are integrated with guitar and the addition of squelchy beats.  Again SE has gone for an immediately catchy hook and it’s this tried and trusted formula that’s a sure fire winner.

For ‘Mimikry’ we are back to a more straight up IDM formula, with long pads that intertwine underneath the ever so wanting to fall away from themselves beats and some lovely synthetic sounds three quarters of the way through.

Where SE truly excels is his long game, never too impatient to let a song build up on its own in its own time and there is plenty evident on this release that he hasn’t lost this touch, capturing emotion at every turn.

L36 is the exact step up the plate he needed to make from the debut; there are genuine attempts at ever so slightly different approaches to his work, without losing what made the music special in the first place and a little more emphasis on rhythm throughout this album compared to the debut; although maybe its ever so less (marginally) less musical in a lot of respects hook wise.

For a follow up SE should be very proud; L36 is an immensely mature piece of work and thematically seems to follow on where Epiphora left off.



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