LOWNESS: Undertow CD Ant-Zen

LOWNESS: Undertow CD Ant-Zen

Scott Sturgis is back; For those of you who like the works of Converter and Pain Station etc this probably isn’t what you were expecting however.

Stepping into realms of the psychedelic and delving into more ambient textures and beats you will get more of a feel for what Lowness is all about; it’s blatantly evident on track one ‘Bridges’ where everything builds upon itself, layering in an almost post-rock fashion;  trippy, dreamlike and to put it bluntly, pretty damn good.

Things take a turn for the tribal (almost) on ‘Rains’ with heavy, thick sopping wet bass lines that lay the concrete for far away guitar riffs.

There are a hell of a lot of influences on here, in fact a lot of it reminds me of Pink Floyd in a fashion when they are at their most spaced out; perfect early hours music.

A lot of the build in this album reminds me somewhat of Godspeed you Black Emperor, but only in the way its composed as there are unfortunately a distinct lack of hooks and as much as I appreciate the work going on here with the general skill and craftsmanship, I did tend to drift off and occasionally found myself being distracted by other things.

All in all an interesting affair with a lot of thought put into composition but not an album I can take in one sitting in its entirety.  Best listened to in separate stages so that Scots musicianship can be fully appreciated.


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