GINORMOUS: The Sound Of Love Improvement CD Ant-Zen

GINORMOUS: The Sound Of Love Improvement CD Ant-Zen

From a nonsensical intro that just seems a little too pointless and abrupt to make any sort of genuine opening to an album, this immediately kicks off proper on this release with ‘North, Part1’, which is a tremendous barrage of flowing acoustic guitars, folded and swelling rhythms gelled together with subtle harmonies that whetted my appetite for what was left to come.

A beautiful eastern theme starts to filter through with ‘Joy When You Come’ with rasping snares that shatter the background whilst the acoustic guitars and vocals swirl around each other, producing a warm ritualism that brings to mind the setting sun over sand dunes in a desert far away; its insanely hypnotic.

Many a tag has been thrown at Ginormous, from ‘IDM’ to ‘Electronica’ and yet he appears to be none of these and just making ‘music’ in its own right; it’s mature, authentic and above all ‘real’.  Careful attention to detail has been placed here on organic structures that flirt with electronics with space and originality given precedence over conforming to genres.

‘The Sound of Love Improvement’ is actually a score for dance choreographer Maria Gillespie, and bearing that in mind makes all the more sense when listening to the structure of this disc in its entirety.  What would have added to this album would have been a video download or enhanced CD to witness the music in all its glory in the context with what it was created for.

Still, even without this to accompany the album there is more than enough on this CD to let the listener sit and dwell with his/her own thoughts and make up their own imagery; An immensely thought provoking, clever and adult album.



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