FRACTIONAL: Blood CD Tympanik Audio

FRACTIONAL: Blood  CD Tympanik Audio

So here we have the second instalment and coming in highly regarded after a successful debut, in the form of ‘Come Mierda’.

Things boot off in fine form with breaks and beats a plenty with ‘Water’; highly accessible happy light end electronics hooks, carrying the warm heavy barrage of beats and bass synthetics to the max.  It’s an inviting and fresh approach to entering an album, more so than I have heard from many a genre in quite some time.

Title track ‘Blood’ slides right into the opener seamlessly; it’s addictive and highly entertaining and has all the necessary pauses with cause for emotion holding the assault, to give the listener time to latch on before kicking back off.

Followers ‘Sie’ and ‘Wo’ show two different changes in tempo, the former dramatically slower than before and the latter mid paced with joyously happy electronics and friendly 4-4 beats that genuinely had my head nodding in acceptance.

Breakcore can be classified generally as being very eclectic and not for everyone, but it appears that Fractional is trying his hardest to  rectify this and bring it to the masses;  such as this collection should raise a smile on the hardest of faces, having enough slower moments for those that simply don’t swallow beat upon breaking beat, yet giving enough for those that like clubby electronics, to appreciate the madness that accompanies a lot of his rhythm sections.  However, it’s those rhythm sections that will satiate the appetites of all lovers of modern breakcore, without completely alienating them with his happy go lucky approach to pad-work and almost Nintendo gaming blips and bleeps.

In short Fractional has created an album that could appeal to hell of a lot of people right across the board capturing club elements, experimental beat work and buckets of emotion all in one fell swoop.



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