ATRABILIS SUNRISE: Pillgrimage CD Raubbau

ATRABILIS SUNRISE: Pillgrimage CD Raubbau

Opening up with some pretty entertaining samples surrounding the death of someone who blew his brains out upon his girlfriend climaxing, this automatically set the scene for some old skool Death Industrial in my head; I wasn’t to be disappointed.

Opening full track ‘Clean, Holy, Beautiful’ grinds along like a machine with the warbled sampling flittering away in the background whilst other machine like ambience gradually builds into a monstrous wall of noise; cracking.

‘Hungry For Light’ is next, and it has purpose; moody bass throbs with the beat with monotone threat whilst the samples once again become a background filter to let the noise seep through and gradually build into a pulsating wall without losing track of structure.

There has been a lot of thought put into this release, not all of it is crushing brutality; ‘Colonia’ comes across like some dark sparse ambient gutter like dirge with a droning bass line that lets small elements of sound from far away vocals and radio elements fill out the gaps, it’s as menacing as the rest without being noisy.

For fans of everything from Power Electronics to Death Industrial to Dark and Black Ambient, this will appeal to fans of Folkstorm, Megaptera and the like and holds its own amongst its peers.  For sure this is one of the best albums of this ilk I have heard in quite some time.


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