OPPOSITE EXHALE: Nothing Lasts CD Tympanik Audio

OPPOSITE EXHALE: Nothing Lasts  CD  Tympanik Audio

This much talked about Netherlands project releases his debut on the highly rated Tympanik label and quite an interesting album this is too.

Structured much in the way a classical opera would be if conjoined with IDM, flirting with the works of Hans Zimmer, this release has the sense of the arcane richly sewn within its make up; therefore feeding my penchant for piano and beats alongside atmospherics.

There are a few downsides;  first there really isn’t much on the album song-wise that differs from one track to the next and these do appear to have been conjured from preset sounds rather than attention to manipulation (for those that make music themselves).  Plus,  the album art isn’t really up to much, especially the horrendously drab CD design.

Taking that aside this album does have the overall feeling of one of those European movies that delves into rainy days at the beach, whilst someone tries to find their soul, reminisces about a lost love and has some sort of fight back against the forces that were against them.

Overall this is a very solid debut album and rather a different take on the genre from current releases within this spectrum and I applaud that.  You are certainly in for the long haul with ‘Nothing Lasts’ and for a debut piece of work this should ironically, last for some time.



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