BIPOL: Fritter Away CD Ant-Zen

BIPOL: Fritter Away  CD  Ant-Zen

Second full length release full of soaring atmospheres that carry a certain anxiety within their rafters; like some evolving nightmare that carries desperation and horror alongside its crunching squelching rhythmical structures.

Seamless in its approach one track happily (?!) folds into the next and in that context works like a rather well oiled machine; and a machine this most definitely is, whirring and buzzing whilst the cogs turn and the hammers pound. This is an ‘Industrial’ album in the purist sense of the word for me.

There is a certain lack of evolution through out the album, which is a shame.  I would have preferred by the halfway point for there to be some variation and this is probably the only thing holding back Bipol from stepping out of the sub-dwellings within which they reside; however I do get the feeling that it’s in this murky gritty factory underground that they are most happy and in a sense that is good for them, because by a few songs in you know what you are up for and there are not going to be any horrible surprises.

Suspense, turmoil, terror, torture and an untimely end are all images that crop up whilst listening to ‘Fritter Away’ and all in all this less than happy bunch have produced a solidly dark album, that brings with it equally pitch black aesthetics.



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