ARCHITECT: Consume Adapt Create CD Hymen Records

ARCHITECT: Consume Adapt Create  CD  Hymen Records

Daniel Myer needs no real introduction in the electronic scene with amongst his tally, Haujobb and the factor he now dabbles with Covenant to name a couple.

Architect has come along in leaps and bounds and this latest offering could arguably be his best piece of work under this moniker to date.

Opening up with ambient crawler ‘The Bitch is Back’ there are subtle elements of stripped down Dubstep flirting with IDM that just builds and sails away dripping with atmosphere, only to be taken over by track two ‘The Shadow of Eve’ which is slightly more up tempo, teasing us with cut and pastes that remind me of the better works in this field conjured up by the likes of ‘Skinny Puppy’, that also lets its dance sensibilities shine.

As always the beats are crystal clear with layer upon layer of vocal cut ups and blips and wizard like precision utilising each influence as its own, giving a fresh slant on many a sub-genre within this field.

Fresh for the dance-floor or for those that mostly muse in these circles; this latest offering is rather more accessible for those that may have avoided the project in the past, while still maintaining the rhythmical equivalent of a hammer to the face when needed.  This album satiates the Industrial quarter of his fanbase or indeed those that like breakbeats to be as sharp as their closest shave;  impressive stuff.


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