XOTOX / DETUNE-X: We Are Deaf CD Rustblade

XOTOX / DETUNE-X: We Are Deaf   CD  Rustblade

Both of these acts have made a name for themselves within the scene for producing some pretty impressive club wrecking no-holds-barred industrial and this split CD pretty much hammers that truth home with a vengeance.

Comprising of ten tracks, six of which are Xotox and Detune-X passing the mantle to and fro to each other there are two tracks remixed from each artist and two full collaborative tracks to feast on.

The emotional side of each artist has been given the nod to the back door for this release to pave way for an all out club assault where beat matches beat, pound for pound; it’s unrelenting and there really is no scope for relaxation within the entirety of the disc, even the lighter moments are only given an ounce of momentum before they kick the pulses going again.

What I do like about this album is the fact that this hasn’t been approached from an entirely industrial perspective and have allowed for more proper dance elements to filter through and therefore take away a lot of the powernoise elements that occasionally creep through both acts individual work; this more comes to light upon hearing the two remixes that both artists reassemble on each others work.

Surprisingly then it was straight back to solid machine like precision when the final collaborations kick in, however these are welcome in their own right after tampering within different genres, just letting the old faithful following know they haven’t forgotten where they come from.

It’s been a while since I have listened to a split/collaborative release, I remember many a day when these came in as ‘remix wars’ releases, and this is a straight almost nostalgic hark back to that era of the scene.


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