TALBOT & DERU: Genus CD (Enhanced) Ant-Zen / Dear Oh Dear

TALBOT & DERU: Genus    CD (Enhanced)  Ant-Zen / Dear Oh Dear

To anyone not born on planet Earth, Joby Talbot is the British composer who did the soundtrack for the 2005 version of ‘The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’, The League of Gentleman’s Apocalypse’ and has had many of his works premiered by the BBC philharmonic and amongst many a ballet, television and other outstanding credits to his swelling curriculum vitae.

Lesser known, but not to be outdone is Benjamin Wynn who goes under the guise of ‘Deru’ who hails from Los Angeles treading waters in electronic and hip-hop circles amongst others.

Genus is a score for Wayne McGregor’s ballet of the same name; an electro/acoustic jaunt based on Darwin’s theory of evolution.

As imagined this is a highly dramatised piece of work piecing together a ten part choir with string instruments that build slowly cut and pasted alongside sub electronic bass and glitch trips and turns that unsurprisingly evolve as the subject matter demands.  For the most part this approaches from the ambient angle, letting in heartbeat patterns that move and swell with haunting vocals that carry the listener on a voyage of discovery.

I am a sucker for violin and was in awe for the most of this experience when these appeared from nowhere; yes ladies and gentlemen this is a extremely mature piece of work and not some lame attempt at artistic one-uppery on musical circles.  This is the real deal, with people who can actually play real instruments.

Genus has been broken down into three acts; ‘Transmutation’, ‘Genus’ and ‘The Great Tree of Life’ and as you would expect with this being the soundtrack to a full working ballet, its grandiose, majestic and tells a story in its own right.

It’s a damn shame that this does not have the full visual performance to accompany this release; however on the boxed and enhanced edition there are two video clips to feast your eyes upon, although you just want that little bit more, even though the videos are of the highest quality and there is a certain magic in making someone hunger for that little bit extra.

For me though I am more than happy just to sit back with the lights out and let this outstanding musical accomplishment take me along its many pathways of beauty and growth; glorious in every sense of the word.


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