LINGOUF: Ange et Gruikk CD Ant-Zen

LINGOUF: Ange et Gruikk   CD    Ant-Zen

Welcome to the bizarre; yep the latest release from the rather peculiar ‘Lingouf’.  Once again we have wonderful, fantastical and downright creepily addictive artwork to feast upon, this time based as a homage to the 1594 portrait of Gabrielle D’Estrees and Duchess des Villars’ whilst gorging on his latest collection of aural oddities.

Purely a concept album based upon the megrim of ‘Le Carnaval des Animaux’ and the musical of the same name composed by Camille Saint Sans in 1886, this takes aspects of lunacy and the classical melding them into the modern era in the same way you would imagine the old world welcoming in the new,  some time in a distant place, long ago.

Its actually pretty hard to tie Lingouf down in all respects; electronic elements are wonderfully crafted amongst beats that range from the distorted to tribal to dub to trip-hop and then mashed together with classic orchestral compositions, insane samples and the overwhelming feeling you are at some crazed masqued ball for the downright crazy, dissembling power noise, handing it over to circus freaks then playfully handing it over to a drug laced Daft Punk; excellent.

With Lingouf you actually feel there is something I haven’t experienced from a lot of releases; the fact that this is steeped in effort.  It’s nice to see full artwork and a concept behind something, a full thought process has gone into making this album as he has on previous releases.  Genuinely entertaining and in a word ‘unique’.



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