100BLUMEN: Down With the System, Long Live the System CD Ant-Zen

100BLUMEN: Down With the System, Long Live the System  CD  Ant-Zen

Pure party time again for 100Blumen, time to let your hair down and go all out on the beat-first questions later approach we are all used to, but with a few interesting other avenues to mull on along the way.

A more sublime, quiet intro as an opener leads to ‘The Unrest’ which goes straight for the jugular and will surely set some dance floors alight when in the live arena.

Surprisingly the following track ‘A Bullet’ goes directly down an almost film score like route and much a similar path is crossed with ‘No Good’; I am used to this act throwing out beats like confectionary and in turn this gave me something entirely different from what I am used to.

Familiar old skool Ant-Zen territories are approached yet again with “The Anger’ with repetitive power noise and crunching electronics to satiate the addicts out there and as with most of the heavier pieces of work on this album comes at precisely the right moment when its needed, displaying a lot more thought than on previous releases with regards to the overall make up of the release.

There’s an element of hypnosis over a lot of the CD; almost trance like states are structured amongst the grizzly squelches and rhythmic sections that hold you as a listener, even though it’s entirely simplistic in nature.

All in all 100Blumen’s third full length release has a lot in its arsenal for many a listener, with driving beats, ambience, crushing noise and atmosphere with occasional smattering of organic anarchist like punk elements to lighten the mood; an entertaining album with a fair whack to grab onto.



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