MILLIPEDE: All My Best Intentions CD Hymen Records

MILLIPEDE: All My Best Intentions   CD   Hymen Records

It’s astonishing to think that this is a debut album; it’s pure bliss that something comes along like this out of the blue and has the ability to floor me.

‘All My Best Intentions’ is an incredible fusion of beat driven ambience, electronic wizardry, melancholy and soundtrack driven magic that barely clings to and is so much more than the straight IDM moniker that this will be tagged with.

Opener ‘Endless’ kicks things off with a mass of complex rhythms and eastern vocal samples that add a touch of the arcane to the proceedings that match the likes of some of ‘Squaremeter’s work, but it melds perfectly into the mix without overstating itself and like so much of this album isn’t a path that’s crossed again later on.  This is the beauty with Millipede; whilst there is a certain underlying style that glues this album together you never get the feeling he is repeating himself.

Chicago’s Don Hill has a history in Dark Ambient circles and whilst I expected to hear this, it is only used as a light foundation to the album that occasionally creeps through and adds those black moments that help evolve his simply beautiful pad work into glorious uplifting rays of light, more akin to acts such as ‘Desiderii Marginis’ for the aficionados out there.

Where he really lets himself shine is by being more imaginative than many other acts; ‘Reoccurring Themes In The Artists Work’ being a fine example of mixing the electronic with the organic as the light guitars hit you with a wash of what feels like a welcome summers afternoon rainstorm.

‘Gridlock’ fans should welcome the utterly phenomenal ’30,000’, one of the albums highlights; I repeated this track a few times when I first heard it.  It’s a fantastic array of plastic beats with simple but well orchestrated synth work that captures the heart and drags the listener on a journey; it’s infectious, hypnotic and frankly staggering when the volume is cranked up.

On reflection there isn’t anything negative I can say about this release at all.  I am flabbergasted, impressed and take my hat off to Hill for what is for me one of the best debut albums I have heard in ages as it strays near to perfection and I am sure will be revered as a mini classic in its own right in years to come; awesome.


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