V/A: ‘Songs For A Child’ A Tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini CD Rustblade

V/A: ‘Songs For A Child’ A Tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini  CD  Rustblade

From the offshoot I wouldn’t have deemed the subject matter one to be covered by the scene, poetry being something that abhors me down to my very core as a whimsical excuse for the existence of thespians;  given this, I am not going to give a poet any quarter here, no matter who they were.  Still, he did some interesting cinematography and has to be hailed for such works as ‘Salo’, which ‘Time Out’ magazine once described as “The most controversial film of all time”;  so not all bad then.

Taking this on board I approached this simply as a musical compilation, bearing in mind I knew there were artists on the roster that I more than enjoy.

The wonder that is ‘Coil’ open up the proceedings with a heart felt rendition, making me once again thinking of the all too early demise of the talented Jhon Balance.   Surprisingly, Bahntier glue themselves into the affray with an ambient number leading us into the rather excellent musicianship of ‘Spiritual Front’ and the once again brilliantly ritualistic ‘Ah-Cama Sotz’.

This really is an album however where the more known acts do come across as the big boys of the Industry; ‘In Slaughter Natives’ join the afore-mentioned in producing something splendid with an array of marching beats, acoustic guitars and operatics.

Yes okay, there are momentary sections of competent musical endeavours amongst this release, but nothing that ultimately stands out against the larger acts;  nothing that jumps out at me and holds my attention, which is a shame as for the large part this is decent.  If anything, this has just made me go play Coil and Spiritual Front at loud levels again in their full glory and if  compilations are deemed as introductory levels of artists, then this certainly would do its job in some respects.



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