POORDREAM: Immaterial Monarch CD Spectraliquid

POORDREAM: Immaterial Monarch  CD  Spectraliquid

An interesting debut CD extended player compromising of two original tracks and remixes displaying Spectraliquid’s abilities of finding us new artists to listen to.

Gentle electronics mixed with airy synth and tripping light drum patterns, subtle vocal elements and a charming warmth make up the opening title track, giving way to something of a small soundtrack the way the vocal samples lightly infuse the music; this in turn leads to Poordream’s own remix of the track that takes an altogether more different dance approach as not to lead to monotony, following suit with yet another mix that is as different as it comes and is entirely commercial distancing itself from the original entirely.

The only downside to this is, as much as the further six mixes are of the highest standard by other artists, is this just wears the original a bit dry and I can’t quite think of any time I will venture to play these again and will most likely just stick to the original; a slight case of overkill comes to mind.

Ending number ‘Sounds of Consciousness’ is a building ambient number with many a peculiarity, namely from the use of vocal vocoding and is interesting in its own right apart from where it just falls apart toward the end, which was ever so slightly disappointing.

This is a difficult EP to score, I feel we needed at least one more original track; where I think Poordream may excel is on a full length release and I am genuinely intrigued as to where this may lead us, because this has only given us a brief albeit mixed impression of what he may be able to achieve.


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