NOORGLO: Hard Body Music CD Rustblade

NOORGLO: Hard Body Music  CD  Rustblade

I was prepared for some powernoise (sorry for the rubbish terminology) when I approached this album and I don’t know why considering the title of the disc.

For the first few numbers, in all honesty while being more than competent, this didn’t over-engage me as it did meander down the noise route tampering with a bit too much reverb on the production for my liking.

However, track four ‘Hyerarchy’ truly kicks this album off with vengeance; thumping infectious beats smash everything into touch and suddenly the first three tracks that preceded this have a form of clarity.

‘Hard Body Music’ is an album for the long haul;  actually an album aimed at the underground dance market as ‘Bedroom Corrosion’ will attest with its body moving electronic undercurrents that hail more to the German ‘Schranz’ scene than anything else; let it be known I love Schranz so this got me on side immediately.

After a small route through broken up electronics that tap into IDM territory, disengaging the listener for a few minutes we are back on the money with ‘Concrete Flesh’, that once again heads off down the path of blistering club infused sensibilities and whilst not being immensely challenging, it’s just pure listening pleasure and I can imagine this being the soundtrack that accompanies many in their car heading out for the evening.

Amongst the in-between oddities that crop up there are pure gems that rival any hard club classics, that occasionally fold in a mass of broken beats to stir it all up a little, which probably just halts this act from being lapped up by any commercial scene;  coupling this with breakcore and ambience in more reflective moments alongside industrial, really steers them away.

For an album that I just shrugged my shoulders at upon first listen, I left more than content; yeah the production values could do with being lifted a little, but all in all this is a more than exciting album as an overall piece of work and is genuinely engrossing more often than not.


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