LINGOUF: Area Keloza CD Ant-Zen

LINGOUF: Area Keloza CD Ant-Zen

An unheard of artist for me with bizarre fairytale artwork to match their even more weird and wonderful compositions; curiosity is aroused straight away, and boy does the music fit the bill with the aesthetic.

Imagine the drive of power electronics, clean striking techno-like beat structures along-side the club nature of distorted beat, throw in demonic vocals and subtle ambience, glue it together with modern electronic blips and beeps and you are thrown in at the deep end from the word go.

Things simply do not lighten up as the completely bludgeoning track two takes hold, which again follows the distorted beat framework, albeit in a cleaner fashion and is all the more powerful for it.  Here, clever structures occasionally intertwine with the hypnotic pummeling with a dash of madness just to keep you on your toes.

Dance sensibilities not withstanding (yes there is that in here as well), there is more than enough on show here to keep any true to form hardcore Ant-Zen follower happy.   Brutal, psychotic, melodic  and above all keeps the interest factor up high which is above all the most important factor nowadays.

With more than enough generic four to the floor artists swelling an already overcrowded market its good to hear some quality filtering through the fray and Lingouf are certainly there, with knobs on.


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