AHNST ANDERS: Many Ways CD Ant-Zen

AHNST ANDERS: Many Ways    CD   Ant-Zen

When the samples first kicked in I thought I was in for something that could be pretty nasty in the best sense of the word; I was delighted and surprised that opener ‘Something There’ evolved into a beautiful light ambient almost ghostlike apparition that’s as haunting as it is almost unnerving.

In contrast track two ‘Crushed’ takes those airy melodies adding pace from electronic subtleties and a flat driving beat, almost dub in its approach and immediately attention grabbing; yet again another surprise.

I am simply not a fan of the art wankery that I deem field recordings in the general sense of the term, but Anders knows exactly what he is doing, manipulating these elements and executing them with precision.  Daring to take them one step further he paces the sounds as an aural compliment to clever electronics and beats that lie underneath the mix that refuse the battle for supremacy.

I am however a massive fan of Dark Ambient music and in many ways (excuse the pun) this album rolls with that a hell of a lot of the time and when he is not being outright noisy, the thumping heartbeat like work slides in resembling a stripped down, reworked and less commercial nod at acts such as ‘Burial’.  Again this is more than welcome.

All in all this is an extremely interesting second full length album; daring to mix the more eclectic with elements of something that steers into the commercial.  Well… just a little anyway.



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