VA: Miwak Twelve 2x CD Hymen Records

VA: Miwak Twelve 2x CD Hymen Records

Bumper double CD collection that had me chomping at the bit before the wrapper came off, such is my love of this label; and what a pleasure it is from start to finish.

Basically a celebration of all that is good in contemporary electronic music, Hymen never fail to challenge and explore the sense at every available opportunity. Safe to say there isn’t much that this label releases that doesn’t scream ‘quality’.  This release is no exception.

Beautifully opened by a relatively unknown act to me (and one I may add I will be hunting down shortly) ‘Empath’ who draws on deep ebbs and flows with a tremendous sense of space complimented with harps towards its moody climax.  Once again Hymen introduce me to something outstanding.

There are some familiar faces upon this release and yet again all the songs performed are worthy of the accolades they surely deserve as artists.  With a release as lengthy as this there simply isn’t enough space to give this album justice.

I won’t play around with genre terminology tagging everything lazily as ‘IDM’ and such like, because I am sure that is getting a bit dull when dropped into the equation. Besides, if you know Hymen as a label, you know what they are about.  If you have never heard of them, then believe me wholeheartedly when I say that they stand for nothing short of intelligent electronics, deep emotions and complex artists that throw programming wizardry around as if it was merely a trifle.

There really are some outstanding numbers on this release and its gonna be hard to pick some out but I guess I had better, with no disrespect to any other artist on the album.

Take ‘Snog’ who stand out like a sore thumb with his dry vocal stylings and rock-tronic sensibilities, right through to ‘Keef Baker’ with his drifting ambiences and whispering vocals to gentle pads and noisy swamp like breaks, onto the dark, brooding dub like qualities of the immense ‘Blackfilm’, talented as hell and along with ‘Tonikom’ yet another of the talented females out there that this scene sorely lacks.

I could really go on all day and believe me its hard not to; splendid.


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