It’s been absolutely ages since I listened to any Synapscape; what the hell took me so long?

There is something undeniably and unashamedly retro about ‘Again’ and it’s almost like a breath of fresh air; drawing on just about every conceivable element there is under the Industrial umbrella and a whole lot more reeks of vitality and a daring carefree gusto that is a pleasure to be party to, almost stepping on being genre-less as a result quite simply just going along at any given moment with whatever feels best with sheer abandon for convention.

From the downright Wax Trax!-isms of the artwork right through to elements of Skinny Puppy, KMFDM and GGFH at their peak alongside elements of PWEI and the like there is something just so refreshingly modern in all this albums backtracking that it is just what this scene needs right now; raising the proverbial middle finger to a  lack-lustre generation of wool wearing, face munching drones that seem to have missed the point as to what has been missing for the last few years, carefully balancing itself on the edge of true  Euro Dance music in a way that none of these people will recognise frankly.

Whilst delving into genre upon sub genre Synapscape hasn’t lost their technical edge either.  Each track is beautifully crafted with layer upon layer of folding different but latch-able elements, teetering off in one direction and sauntering off into other pastures at will, with this being what could just be their most accomplished work to date.

All in all ‘Again’ is a fantastic barnstorming breath of fresh air, a trip down memory lane and a huge marker on where the Industrial scene lost ground; it’s time to pick up the mantle again, and I can’t think of anyone better for the job.


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