MOCTAN: Come Closer CD Ant-Zen

MOCTAN: Come Closer CD Ant-Zen

Back to the destructive rabid distorted beat range that Ant-Zen occasionally supply us with, and what we all have come to know and love.  Moctan pretty much do what you expect with machine like precision.

This bloke likes his American muscle cars and it’s a bizarre cover concept to track titles that most likely have nothing to do with Dodge Viper’s and the like.  Looks cool all the same.

This is primarily all about beats, some more beats, and then if that wasn’t enough there are some more beats just in case you didn’t get it the first time, all played at heart rate of a dying chubby fella who has just been forced into a ten mile run while chewing on a block of lard, with extra fries.

Okay this isn’t rocket science but it’s a lot of fun and there are moments in my life when you just need something that isn’t going to challenge you at all and just gets on with its job and on the rare occasion cleverly changing the formula to some mild dance to break the mould.  Either way as the album progresses this is more than effective in the grand scheme of things and paves the way for an album I really enjoyed the more it went on.

From what on the surface appeared pretty formulaic to me upon first inspection, there is a method to the overall madness that comes when you take on the release as a whole, rather than go down the route that I may have heard this before.  This is an exciting romp that I could see laying waste to many a dance-floor given the opportunity.

‘Come Closer’ indeed; you may find more than is initially presented on the tin.


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