L’OMBRE: Letting Go at the Steering Wheel CD Ant-Zen

L’OMBRE: Letting Go at the Steering Wheel CD Ant-Zen

Oh my, I knew this was gonna be a good one before I even hit play.  Opening up with the gentle and sublime ‘Humour me with Pleasant Conversation’ this is the utterly perfect starter before the main course; an almost Jazz like quality to the background almost translucent pad work is complimented with gentle glitches and broken, soft matted breaks and trip hop drum patterns.  This is genuinely engaging work and I dare you to not get sucked in straight away.

Following this up the pad work and keys are simply beautiful, gradually floating and gliding into splintered and carved structures with melting bass as motion, rolling from great to utterly absorbing with the minimal of effort.

There is a lonely quality to ‘Letting go at The Steering Wheel’; a frank solitary melancholy that aches along in the background as a nod to the time when you ponder ‘what if?’.   Never overstating itself and giving way to consideration and contemplation of the basic fundamental emotions that people tend to let slide and purposely forget about from day to day.

Mood swing alerts are also aplenty with this album, almost as if when pondering life’s turmoil there is also the necessary ‘me’ time when you just need to go out and get it all out of your system; you will see exactly what I mean at various sections throughout this release when you sit back and listen; track four almost having a Vegas night on the town quality to it placing a smile on my face.

This CD is nearly genre-less, and that’s a surprise, toying with so many styles, sometimes in the same song and it’s of no shock when sat reviewing at your computer this comes up as ‘unclassified’; nodding its head in the direction of many and none all at the same time.

Intelligent, rewarding and utterly brilliant Mr Sawyer has produced something that denies convention and has the ability to knock you sideways practically at every turn.  Could be a new favourite of mine.  A stunning late evening listening experience.


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