[HAVEN]: Plastic CD Tympanik Audio

[HAVEN]: Plastic       CD     Tympanik Audio

A curious release this, opening up with an intro that borders on lunacy and demented film soundtracks;  the madness subsiding upon track two ‘Marrakech’, which folds eastern, almost elemental sounds into the fray;  intricate and well rounded beats carry the electronics along at a pace and allow for subtle vocal sampling to enter the party.

I am going to make no bones about it, ‘Plastic’ is a bizarre affair and the sampling is amongst some of the most unique I have heard and at times quite unnerving.  The music does drift along at a rather ambient level along the way and teases the listener into believing this may just be on the verge of kicking off, before heading off down more scattered and confusing pathways.

What I do like is Haven’s ability to throw a little beauty into the mix just when you think everything is going towards the psychotic, as displayed on track six ‘Les Choses’, approaching at just the right time to steady the proceedings.

There is such a broad range of styles and sounds on this album, that you could imagine it taking some taming and there is also a lot of electronic tomfoolery too.  All of this however, is kept well in line before things go too out of hand.

With a heavy almost movie accompanying feel to a lot of the release you really get the feeling that Haven should explore this pathway a little more as this is really where he lets himself go, but I also have the feeling that the momentary spots of madness he can’t help but indulge himself in, halter this and in some respects you enjoy the variation more.

The last two tracks are mixes, one from Haven and one from label mate ‘Tapage’.  Without a doubt these do stand out as a fitting end to this intriguing and intelligent debut; an album that does sound somewhat like, but more than its title suggests.



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