GJOLL: Not to Lead Nor to Follow CD Ant-Zen

GJOLL: Not to Lead Nor to Follow CD Ant-Zen

It’s not often I get to hear Icelandic artists and this makes a change.  Yup, famed for its rather cold weather and beautiful scenery I can only assume from the sheer aggression on display they missed out with the beauty and went with the weather and frankly phenomenal financial drain it must be to live there.  In all honesty I would be pretty pissed off too.

With a mixture of lyrics sang in their native tongue and English its pretty hard to get an overall feeling for what is being conveyed here; talk of machinery in a social sense there is an angst that screams upon touches of anarchy and disdain at the world they see surrounding them whilst not being overtly political.

Musically there is a lot to gage this artist against; I am a huge fan of cold and dark ambience and revel in blistering power electronics, all of which this album has in abundance.  Yeah there are a lot of artists floating around within these genres and it’s nice for once to see one that isn’t hanging around the CMI party so to speak and that’s where I think this lot make the difference as opposed to making up the numbers.

Musically speaking this seems clearer with no real hidden agenda, refreshing if you will in its clarity and acutely layered tones and pulsating under-rhythm sections that mesh this all together; pulsating glitches are on display as much as is raw ferocity, keeping you on your toes as opposed to finding a niche and simply rolling with it which it would be all to simple to do genre wise. I will be watching out for more from this artist;  thoroughly engaging.



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