EXOCET: Grotesque Consumer CD Ant-Zen

EXOCET: Grotesque Consumer CD Ant-Zen

It doesn’t take an absolute genius to work out thematically where Exocet are coming from; yes war is the key here, with track titles such as ‘Tug of War’ and ‘Tankhunter Are Not Patriots’ and so forth.  Fair play, there is enough of it about.

It’s a simplistic start to ‘Grotesque Consumer’, nothing too challenging with a simple monotony that didn’t immediately engage me to be fair with its basic rhythmic flair, but hey there was a whole album to go.

Track two and the aforementioned ‘Tug of War’ is where it starts to get interesting though; the simplistic patterns evolve along with a vocal sample that is gently woven into the beats so they almost breath at the listener, with a gentle ambient blend floating along-side it’s passive aggressive hypnotic approach and almost trance inducing qualities.

Things really pick up around track six ‘Conflict of Memories’.  An almost film score like quality has a motion like minimal drum structure, which as light as it is adds more of an old school industrial quality to the release.

Given some space this album really is one to sit down to and is welcome as background noise, occasionally catching your imagination off guard; but less is sometimes more andthis is where the album truly shines.  Tribal elements seep through the mix occasionally and add yet a different scope on the proceedings and yes there is that feeling somewhere along this journey that this wouldn’t be completely out of place driving throughout the Iraqi desert at night on patrol; it’s that scenario alone that I think the album toys with, requiring a little patience and not setting any fires alight.

Enjoyable none the less if you want something beating a different drum to what you most likely expected.



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