DISHARMONY: Evolution CD Tympanik Audio

DISHARMONY: Evolution   CD   Tympanik Audio

Possibly one of those artists you wouldn’t really expect to see on the mighty Tympanik label at face value;  you would be forgiven for thinking that Disharmony are one of those acts that just utilise harsh vocals and electronics.

In reality there is a hell of a lot to this duo musically;  yes they do venture into screaming vocals territory, but in all fairness this act have more in common with acts such as ‘Skinny Puppy’, ‘Frontline Assembly’ and ‘GGFH’, than they do say a lot of the crap that swamps clubs with sub division EBM and screaming vocals masking their lack of talent.

In some respects ‘Evolution’ reminds me of the way Dismantled went about his work on his debut before he completely lost the plot and went all shit.

Multi-layered synths a plenty this approaches the listener as though they are listening to the fall of some futuristic race and yeah I hate to use the word but it definitely has a that movie soundtrack appeal as well.

In all honesty considering what gibberish has been coming out of the electro scene in recent years I am aghast that Disharmony have not clawed their way to the top, having so much more to offer than a lot of the ‘artists’ that would I imagine hang around in similar circles.

‘Evolution’ isn’t going to baffle anyone with originality, unashamedly hanging round in the corridors of the aforementioned Skinny Puppy and occasionally nodding its head in the general direction of VAC, but we all have time for this style of music and it’s good to see a different name amongst the roster going down this route in a professional manner.


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