BLACK LUNG: Full Spectrum Dominance CD Ant-Zen/Tympanik Audio

BLACK LUNG: Full Spectrum Dominance   CD    Ant-Zen/Tympanik Audio

The inner parts to the artwork of the sleeve to this album read like a government conspiracy document from DARPA, commissioning David Thrussell to complete the soundtrack to their military operations.  In a word, the concept is barking, but panders to those that relish the mans works under the Lung and his main project ‘Snog’ and for all its tongue in cheek ridiculous statements it does give an overall concept into this musicians state of mind.

Opening up with the basic electronic rock of ‘The Imperial March’ this album isn’t going to challenge you as a listener straight away, its way too simplistic for that, but rather it’s a fun romp that livens things up from the word go.

Bordering on chaos at times, Thrussell manages to combine Industrial shenanigans, alongside straight electronic numbers that edge towards the bombastic and clinically nuts.  This is tempered down somewhat in the later stages of the release with glorious rich almost dark ambient tracks, that drive home just what an array of talent lies beneath this project;  once you sit back and give it the opportunity to sink its hooks in of course, gradually leading to the final stages of the album where the chaos of the earlier songs combine with the richness of the middle stages, to pan out into something quite special overall.

There is no doubt that Black Lung aint gonna appeal to everyone, but this project was never about pandering to genre’s and whatnot and its this sheer abandon in the approach to Full Spectrum Dominance, that’s probably going to let it rank along with all his previous releases remaining timeless in their own fashion and never outdated.


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