TAPAGE: Fallen Clouds CD Tympanik Audio

TAPAGE: Fallen Clouds   CD   Tympanik Audio

So its barely been a blink of the eye since the last album and debut by Tapage in the form of ‘The Institute of Random Events’; a gentle, obscure and downright eclectic album that was worth its weight in Gold when you gave it the necessary time to soak up the sonic art on offer.

Once again we delve into the strange and the bizarre; beats flying around in skittish fashion, complimented along the way with the pitter-pats of gentle harmonies and tones, further layered by rising and falling ambience, cementing the Tapage formula as his own.

‘Fallen Clouds’ represents a step up the ladder music wise with a greater sense of listenability to those that previously would have pulled a rather puzzled glance at his music;  taking into account such electronic beauty as ‘Oppose’ which has the urgency and chaotic drive of physical movement, whilst the rich subtle blend of ringing pads represent the mind deep in thought as to the listeners next move.

Numbers such as ‘Notbremse’ represent a master-class in the rather over used terminology, ‘IDM’.  Beats worthy of the legends that have been spawned from the Warp label are clearly matched here and a dark blend of wonderfully minor hooks and chords, really are a step above and beyond all measure.

What I am really liking here is that with this new opus, Tapage has really set himself on fire musically and has a stronger platform to stride forward in artistic circles, with an impressively strong follow up to a partially over clever previous affair.  This is the sound of the man really stretching his legs and letting himself go and it’s a pleasure to witness without any doubt.


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