PANDORA’S BLACK BOOK: Black Brothel CD Tympanik Audio

PANDORA’S BLACK BOOK: Black Brothel CD  Tympanik Audio

After the frenetic Breakcore lunacy that is ‘Lucidstatic’, also showcased by Tympanik Audio with the rabid ‘Gravedigger’, I was more than interested to see what his other outing ‘Pandora’s Black Book’ had to offer, genuinely looking for something different and nothing to remind me of the genre styling of that project.

What we do have is something that teeters more into, dare I say it ‘Industrial’ territory, near the edges of Skinny Puppy and bands more associated with that ilk; not sounding like them as such, but it’s the closest reference I can give.   Tracks such as ‘Dark Passenger’ have a similar structure to acts such as cult heroes GGFH, whilst again not sounding overtly like them at all.

There are the odd flushes of breaks and glitches in here to remind you just where this lad comes from, but its more restrained and relies more on electronic sensibilities to make the songs what they are, alongside the odd floating sample.

PBB tends to be the project that lets this artist tamper with other ideas, such as the IDM tag on tracks such as ‘The Wait’ and more down to personal preference, I would have loved this release to steer more towards this recipe on every other number as well.

My only downside to such a release is that sometimes there are so many styles going on that its very hard to grasp just exactly which angle this album is hitting you from, yet still sounding too similar song to song sound wise to raise your emotions enough and it can be all to easy to lose concentration on a whole album, suggesting that you take ‘Black Brothel’ a song or two at a time.

However, this is well done and there is no denying that this is sure to ring a lot of bells for a lot of people out there;  solid and occasionally much to my pleasure, riding along like some dark fairytale, with the title track being one of the strongest moments on this CD.



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