APHORISM: Surge CD Tympanik Audio

APHORISM: Surge CD Tympanik Audio

‘Surge’ is a peculiar beast, bizarrely reminding me of many factors in electronic circles and yet it isn’t nailing one particular field down at any one time.  Take for instance the opening track ‘Ulkine’ with its racing crunchy rhythms and bass lines, that occasionally have a flow of synth giving the impression that this is the way VAC would have folded it together if he made this style of music; it doesn’t sound like Velvet Acid Christ at all by the way, it’s just constructed ina a familiar approach  with regards to layering and timing.

There is a supreme urgency to this album that cannot be denied, fundamentally beat driven with the ambience left in the background as the glue that cements it together. Off kilter patterns and ever so adrift minor chords mould Aphorism into a somewhat darker creature than I first imagined. The beautiful artwork supplied by Stefan Alt  I suppose being somewhat fitting, being that the sea is a mysterious creature.

Complex and stuttering, ‘Surge’ is a technical beast for much of its journey, flittering with IDM on the edge of Industrial, where the tag is dragged away from them as soon as they head in that direction;  almost as if this album wants to evolve into something else, but never gets the chance as soon as the opportunity arises.

The highlight of this debut is the rather fantastic ‘Chrysanthemums For Carrion’ that drifts between Flamenco and wonderfully folded pads; the most experimental number on this album which drifts into trip-hop isms and subtle dub like bass, with an evident psychosis that is tethered amongst the fray and is above all genuinely captivating as an entire number.

Remixes are the order of the day towards the end of this album; all are decent and bring something to the table, but the most remarkable being that from label mate “Tapage’ ending this debut in fine form with more energy than his usual relaxed and gentle, yet complexed approach.  Sheer class.

All in all ‘Surge’ is not a pick up and play album at all; indeed I wasn’t immediately taken from the off, but sitting down and giving my undivided attention this album left me impressed and wanting more.


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