STEEL HOOK PROSTHESIS: Atrocitizer CD Malignant Records

STEEL HOOK PROSTHESIS: Atrocitizer CD Malignant Records

Texan duo SHP have finally found a worthy home in Malignant Records.  Sinister, visceral, spacious power electronics approached form the lighter end of the scale make for a creepier uphill climb than I first imagined, but effective none the less.  I fair expected to have my face ripped off from the start, but SHP are more subtle than that.

Death Industrial, Black Ambient, whatever genre title floats your boat, this lot pretty much cover it all in an almost purest form.  Gutteral vocal styles are complemented with squelching electronics, pulsating bass lines and razor sharp sounds that have the effect of nails scratching a blackboard (can we still say blackboard?).  It’s effective stuff and one for the die-hards out there.

At times this can be unnerving to say the least; it’s on the edge of your seat stuff undoubtedly, although I do prefer a more sledgehammer to the face approach with these matters usually.  The use of hellish samples work effectively and it all becomes a bit of a creeping mass of sound exploration and swarming undercurrents of brutality.

Atrocitizer stands on its own more as a threat rather than an outright punishing force and in its own way is all the better for it.  It is all too easy nowadays to go for the immediate smack in the teeth bullying and all credit to Steel Hook Prosthesis for taking a step back, judging their surroundings and going for the underdog approach.



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