PHRAGMENTS: Earth Shall Not Cover Their Blood CD Malignant Records

PHRAGMENTS: Earth Shall Not Cover Their Blood CD Malignant Records

Lets take space to the extreme;  Slovakia’s Phragments have a very distant approach to music as this opens.  Everything sounds so far away, like a distant battle you are not involved in.  It’s a strange way of going about your work, but the distance makes sense as this slowly builds and gradually lets the troops get a stronghold of your surroundings before any imminent assault.

The initial moaning vocals really didn’t do anything for me at all, but when the harsh brutality kicks in it stirs things up again and is a welcome element to some rather well placed programming of analogue sounds and ambience.

Ominous and brooding are the best two words to describe the third album by this lot, not too out of place akin to many of the best from that you would hear from the Cold Meat stable, which is good considering most of their latest releases have been somewhat below par.

There is a deep sense of the arcane when listening to Phragments, not so much as a lot of artists out there, but medieval enough to get a feel for a definite time frame languishing in the past.

All in all this isn’t the best Martial ambient album on the market, but there is a deep sense of that they know what they are trying to achieve and this self belief is something that evidently comes across in what they are trying to portray.  Interesting and involving enough without delving too much into pretentiousness this is a wholesome stable release.



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