DIAMANDA GALAS: Guilty Guilty Guilty CD Mute

DIAMANDA GALAS: Guilty Guilty Guilty CD Mute

All but two tracks on this opus were recorded live from her 2006 ‘Valentine’s Day Massacre’ performance, which is mainly Diamanda showcasing what she does best;   just her and her piano for most part.

I am a sucker for piano and Galas is a complete genius on the ivories.  As usual a fantastic range of scale and attention to detail ranging from high’s to suitably low end rumbling leaves space for her sometimes erratic, but more often than not beautiful vocal accomplishments.

Flirting with the Blues and Gospel has always been part of Diamanda’s make up, but it’s the way she approaches this work;  never conventional and always challenging the boundaries occasionally teetering within the standard affair and scale of how it would normally be constructed, but more often than not taking it down the path of lunacy and sometimes downright ludicrous.

Subject matter is the standard for Galas;  hurt, despair and turmoil.  All of these are wrung to death with hope clinging on to the edge of the precipice by its fingertips.  There are few artists out there who can really face these issues in such a manner and Galas is a genius at vocalising all these elements with the passion and respect they command.

Flaunting with the beautiful and the horrific in equal measure ‘Guilty Guilty Guilty’ is simply one of those albums you have to sit through from beginning to end.  A journey into the human spirit and at its core, brutal


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