WOLFSKIN: O Ajuntar Das Sombres CD Malignant Records

WOLFSKIN: O Ajuntar Das Sombres CD Malignant Records

Rich layers of cold ambience and vast areas of bleak forest like silence are the body of work within this release.

This album was intended to be a re-issue of the 2001’s ‘The Gather of Shadows by the Setting Sun’; but now we have three re-worked tracks from that album along with seven new tracks to boot.

Essentially a concept album, this is an involved glimpse into dark organic undercurrents of disturbing visions and bleak atmospheric pastures, like taking a walk through some great vast gorge whilst in the grip of winter, surrounded by thick freezing fog.

The chanting doesn’t do much for me but in a way it is essential to the overall feel of the album and really tugs on European arcane elements;  teetering somewhat between the ritual and insane occasionally just throwing itself in one direction or the other only to balance out before committing to one route.

‘O Ajuntar das Sombres’ appears to be one of the last few releases we will be seeing from this project as from what notes I have read, Portugal’s Wolfskin is in the autumn of its lengthy career, so pick up this while you can if you are a fan of rich bleak ambience with a dash of almost Pagan like flair.


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