Divine Legions Beyond Psyche CD Malignant Records Divine Legions Beyond Psyche CD Malignant Records

Fantastically packaged in a lush 8 panel A5 digipak comes Finland’s fifth opus, and boy does it not disappoint.

Adding an original slant on their own schizophrenic structures, the very stop/start nature of this release should be their downfall; but not so, as the brakes are halted and tonal ambience is allowed to slingshot forward before barrage upon barrage of blistering grinding power electronics and pulverising vocals are unleashed upon you.

Bizarrely enough there is more than a touch of the psychedelic to this album, in part and mainly coming from the vocals which whilst sounding like an over-enraged dalek, fit wonderfully between the rich hums and whirs of machinery.

Seven years in the making apparently and all the better for it, a lot of this for me is very reminiscent of the better works of ‘Survival Unit’, sounding like a great hulking beast of aggression tearing down everything in its path.   This is a wall of crushing brutality and terror, occasionally stopping for a break in its wave of destruction before setting off back on its merry way crushing all that try to halt its charge.

I have a real soft spot for Power Electronics, and whilst this does have that overtly hammer like approach, there is more than enough going on in the background to keep you on your toes interest wise; This is a  sound likened  to that of raging creatures tearing down factories and heavier than a sack of spanners.



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