KÖERPERWELTEN: Avatars of Rape and Rage CD Malignant Records

KÖERPERWELTEN: Avatars of Rape and Rage CD Malignant Records

I have seen a fair whack of press from this project on the web recently, and a lot of it is down to the artwork.  Given that this is the side project of ‘Folkstorm/MZ412’ main man Nordvagr and Navicon Torture Technologies’ Leech, I should have guessed.

I don’t see the what the fuss is about really; yeah it does have a picture of a girl all BDSM’d up with two naked guys in masks, yeah it does have a sex scene, yeah it does have those guys stood there with her head in their hands; but its all done as cheap comic art and nothing more, blatantly tongue in cheek and made me chortle.  I really wouldn’t have expected any less from the pen of Deathpile’s Jonathan Canady.

This is released on Malignant Records so therefore there is a theme with regards to the music.  Malignant are fine label releasing Dark Ambient, Power Electronics and all styles associated with that genre and this album is no exception, incorporating all of those styles at once.

Split into two halves ‘Rape’ and ‘Rage’, this isn’t going to leave a lot to the imagination and as offensive as this might be to a lot of people they pretty much hit the nail on the head, producing something that can be likened to that of nightmares.

Blistering visceral electronics are left to breathe amongst a sea of black ambience with a sub undercurrent of slow marching beats that have the impact of something not too dissimilar to what I can only describe as the sound of war in the pits of Hades;  this was I point out, as early on as track two ‘The Forces of Chastity’.

A cavernous black mass of filth and destruction, and with patience, a more than rewarding listen.


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