E.S.A: The Sea and The Silence CD Tympanik Audio

E.S.A:  The Sea and The Silence          CD       Tympanik Audio

So here we are with the second ESA album of the year (in reality the last one was just released late by Jamie’s previous label and had been written some time ago before) and what a dramatic change we have in store.

Now ESA has firmly found its home amongst the swelling ranks of Tympanik Audio and seemingly with this label swap has come a breath of fresh air, with regards to musical approach and all round image shift.

‘How Pure Would Your Utopia be’ was a very clever album and generally that was a failing as well as a blessing.  The album was great but not one I would put on so often, as more attention was paid to the technicalities over the music itself.

No such problems with TSATS; Opener ‘Tasting Nails’ drifts into being with ambience and some early P.A.L tribal patterns and without a doubt,  fitting the title of this somg perfectly.

Throughout the album, the concept takes hold.  Track titles give no surprises to the visceral nature of some of the numbers on display, with careful attention to detail regarding structure, guitar work, beats and gutter-like snide aggressive vocals; it’s an impressive display no less and by far the best work from Yorkshire’s noisiest yet, even tampering with piano like melodies along the way.

Many an act can be thrown out into conversation when listening to The Sea and the Silence;  ‘Test Dept’ immediately spring to mind amongst many other influential Industrial acts.  However, Jamie Blacker really has found his niche with this latest masterwork and sits all the more comfortably for it, really letting himself go.

A fantastic pure Industrial album for me, and in every sense of the word it’s Impressive.



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